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Yellow Calla Lily & Pot

Yellow Calla Lily & Pot

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 The bright and beautiful Yellow Calla Lilly makes for the most striking . beautiful houseplant - but this plant will be happy either indoors or outdoors . the choice is up to you! Paired with a perfectly fitting Elho Vibes pot . made from recycled plastic.

With its distinctive sunshine-coloured . tubular flowers the Calla Lilly is a unique looking plant. These joyful blooms have long been associated with Easter . as they're said to be a symbol of rebirth and ressurrection - the perfect plant to gift for anyone beginning a new start . whether that be a new home or career change. 

These pretty plants can be a little demanding as house-guests go . but once you understand what makes them tick . you'll have one thriving . beautiful plant. While they enjoy their soil moist . don't let it get too soggy and remember to reduce watering once this plant enters its dormancy period in around November. We recommend allowing the Calla Lilly to rest in a cool . darker area during its dormancy.

How to keep me happy
I like bright indirect light
I like my soil to be kept moist
Expert Level:
I can be a little temperamental . but you've got this!
W14cm x H30-40cm
I remove nasties lurking in your room
Keep me out of reach of furry friends and little people

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