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Small Aloe Vera

Small Aloe Vera

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Everybody loves the amazing . exotic-looking small Aloe Vera plant! We love its enduring appeal!?This Small Aloe Vera Plant is a really well known succulent for its medicinal qualities and uses in skincare.? It's also a really interesting houseplant - sculptural and relaxing to look at . this lovely little succulent is a really easy care Houseplant .?so if you're new to houseplants then Aloe Vera might be ideal for you!?In this small size . Aloe vera houseplant will fit snugly on a shelf or on top of a dresser or a table!

As well as being a beautiful addition to your houseplant collection the Aloe Vera plant has amazing benefits that will boost your health. Aloe Vera gel is widely known to relieve Sunburn?and help heal wounds . it can be used as a remedy for Heartburn . an alternative to mouthwash . help regulate blood sugar levels for diabetes . a natural laxative . and great as part of your skincare routine to keep you skin hydrated.?

This Small Aloe Vera plant also comes in a much larger size - it really depends if you want instant dramatic impact or a small version that will fit better in a smaller space.? We love popping this little Aloe plant on a shelf for that 'curiosity shop' look - and of course . in time it will grow bigger!

Come to Happy Houseplants for mini houseplants as well as larger plants - we have a huge selection of indoor plants for sale. We take great care with every plant - from selection to delivery we are the best houseplant shop around!

This little plant would make an ideal houseplant gift - this is a really cheap houseplant that makes a stunning present. A thank you for doing something for you . or a little birthday gift . this could be the one for you. We'll even include a free . handwritten card - just add your message at checkout and we'll do the rest!? No giveaway paperwork either!

How to care for Aloe Vera?

This houseplant is really easy to care for!

Where should I put this Succulent?

It likes high and bright light . it can take a sunny spot.

How should I water Aloe Vera?

You should only water Succulents between March and October - during the autumn and winter you should avoid any watering.

Should?I feed this houseplant Seaweed Fertliser?

Yes . you should feed your houseplants once a month during spring and summer . try our Indoor plant fertiliser.

When it came to developing our original Happy Houseplants' Organic Tropical?Plant Food . we decided not to tinker with it too much . so you'll find no chemical supplements in this 100% cruelty-free vegan?product.?

Is it suitable if I have pets?

No . it can be toxic to cats and dogs.

What size is this Aloe Vera?

W10cm x 30cm

If you'd like to see a video we have made about general houseplant care . have a look?here.

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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