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potted plant



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Beautiful is not enough . trees have to be useful. Indoor plants contribute significantly to the protection of human health. They can be considered as "air purifiers" because they purify the indoor air . giving your space a fresh . fresh look. The indoor environment seems to be away from street smog . but in fact there are still many harmful substances emitted from indoor furniture such as benzene . ammonia . trichlorethylene ... The ability to clean the air from harmful substances of some plants absorb up to 85% of indoor toxic gas.In addition . there are indoor plants or desktop plants that also absorb the radiation emitted from electronic devices . helping people to limit the exposure to harmful rays for eyes . skin and whole. body in general.In addition . when working or studying with eye strain and stress . relaxing by looking at the trees in the house is also an effective method.Another benefit is that indoor plants keep mosquitoes and insects harmful to human health. Some ornamental plants possess a mild aroma . helping the human mind to relax. But in contrast . it is the killer for mosquitoes . cockroaches . ants or mice ...

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