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New Plant Parent Bundle

New Plant Parent Bundle

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Taking your first steps into plant parenthood? Allow us to ease you into the world of greenery with these undemanding plants – not only do they look great . they've been selected for their minimal care needs – we promise! This trio . comprising of the Golden Pothos . ZZ Plant and Fatsia Japonica . are all very forgiving of any unintentional neglect . too. As a general rule of thumb . water when their soil feels dry to touch . and watch as your new green family effortlessly thrive.

All coming with their own gorgeous . perfectly-fitting pots . ready to be styled in your home as you wish. Even better you save 20% when bought all together.

Plants Included: Golden Pothos W12 x H20-30cm . ZZ Plant W12 x H30-40cm . and Fatsia Japonica W12 x H30-40cm.

Note: Plant and pot substitutions may be made based on availability. Pots included are a mix of recycled plastic and ceramic.

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