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Moonlight Cactus or Selenicereus Wercklei

Moonlight Cactus or Selenicereus Wercklei

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Selenicereus Wercklei . often called the "Moonlight Cactus ." is a captivating and unique succulent species sought for its exceptional beauty and ease of care. Native to South America . this hard-to-find cactus has found its place in collectors' homes worldwide . enchanting plant enthusiasts with its lunar-like beauty.

Selenicereus grow similar to Rhipsalis in its natural habitat and is an epiphytic plant . which means it grows on trees. It is found in tropical jungles in South America . predominantly in Costa Rica.  This fascinating succulent thrives in the wild by attaching itself to the branches of trees . creating a captivating . lush appearance within the dense canopy of the rainforests. 

Rhipsalis' epiphytic nature allows it to absorb moisture and nutrients from the surrounding air and organic matter . making it well-suited for the humid and shaded conditions of its native tropical environment. This unique adaptation adds to the plant's allure and highlights its remarkable resilience in the wild. 

Selenicereus Wercklei is accustomed to minimal rainfall and thrives in abundant sunlight in its natural habitat. It has developed the ability to store water in its stems to survive in these harsh conditions.

How to Care for Selenicereus Wercklei:

Feeding: Fertilize your Moonlight Cactus sparingly during the growing season . typically in spring and summer. Use a balanced . water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength. Avoid over-fertilizing . as it can harm the plant.

Watering: Practise restrained watering. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings completely. In the growing season . water more frequently . ensuring that the soil dries out before the next watering. Reduce watering during the dormant period (winter) to prevent over-watering.

Repotting: Periodically . you may need to repot your Moonlight Cactus to refresh the soil and provide more space for growth. Choose a slightly larger pot with excellent drainage capacity and undertake the process in spring or early summer.

Light: Moonlight Cacti thrive in bright . indirect sunlight. Ensure they are protected from harsh . direct sun . which can damage their delicate stems.

Temperature and Humidity: Maintain your Moonlight Cactus in a warm environment . with temperatures ranging from 21°C to 37°C (70-100°F) during active growth. During dormancy . it can endure cooler conditions down to 10°C (50°F). These cacti do not require high humidity and can thrive in most homes' average indoor humidity levels.

Styling and Why it Makes a Great Houseplant:

Styling the Moonlight Cactus at home offers a wide range of creative options to showcase its captivating allure:

Decorative Pots: Select ceramic or terracotta pots to complement its rustic charm with earthy tones that harmonize with its desert-inspired aesthetics.
Hanging Elegance: Opt for hanging planters to accentuate the Moonlight Cactus's natural cascading growth. These arrangements not only catch the eye but also maximize the unique form of the cactus.
Desert Dreamscape: Combine Moonlight Cacti with other succulents reminiscent of desert landscapes . such as Echeveria or Agave . in shallow containers . creating an oasis of arid beauty.
Minimalist Elegance: Showcase a single . sizable Moonlight Cactus in a contemporary . minimalist planter . its mesmerizing . spoke-like stems becoming a captivating focal point.
Windowsill Symphony: Line your windowsill with potted Moonlight Cacti . allowing them to soak up natural light and imbue your interior decor with a chic . desert-inspired ambience.

Moonlight Cactus makes a superb houseplant for several compelling reasons. Its striking spoke-like stems and subtle . elegant blooms add a touch of lunar beauty to any space. It's also relatively easy to care for . requiring only moderate attention and providing a unique focal point for your indoor plant collection. With its captivating aesthetics and resilience . Selenicereus Wercklei is an enchanting choice for plant enthusiasts and beginners. 

Rhipsalis care level

This plant is easy to care for and great for beginners.

What size is this plant?

W14cm x H40cm 

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