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Epiphyllum Anguliger (Fishbone Cactus, Ric Rac Cactus)

Epiphyllum Anguliger (Fishbone Cactus, Ric Rac Cactus)

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We think Epiphyllum?Anguliger or?Fishbone cactus would be an amazing addition to any houseplant collection with its sculptured foliage.?Bring the rainforest to your living room with this small trailing plant that is actually a cactus!? It's also known as the fishbone cactus.

At first . its fishbone-like leaves will grow upright but as it matures the leaves will trail over the edges of the pot. The leaves have a zig-zag shape as though someone has cut them with a pair of dressmaking scissors!

Epiphyllum Anguligar will look amazing in a hanging pot or spilling from a high shelf . its fascinating shaped leaves providing a really structural focal point in any room. Think plant with a mad hairdo!

Hailing from the moist rainforest of Mexico . this small houseplant will need a little more water than you would usually expect for a cactus and it also likes a little misting of the leaves. It's an epiphyte and grows on trees in the wild and the fishbone type leaves are adapted to anchor the plant to the host.

If you're really lucky It can produce white flowers in the right conditions - these flowers are quite large and have a lovely . heavy scent.? The flowers are only open at night. Not every plant produces flowers though . it will depend on the humidity and position . as well as the correct amount of water.

Epiphyllum Anguliger?requires little maintenance and it is a very good plant for beginners to the joys of houseplants.

You could give this amazing houseplant as a gift - we'll even deliver the plant along with a free . handwritten card.? You can note your gift message at the basket stage of checkout and we'll organise the rest! We'll leave out the paperwork of course.

Epiphyllum Anguliger Care level

Absolutely perfect for beginners! A very easy houseplant to grow.

Where should I put this cactus?

A dry . sunny spot . this cactus does not like shade.

How much should I water it?

Water when the top layer of soil is dry to the touch . very infrequently in winter when it's cooler. This plant also likes misting.

Do I need to feed Epiphyllum Anguliger?

It's not essential but you can use a weekly plant feed during the summer months when the plant is in its growth phase. Try our vegan . organic plant food!

Is this plant suitable if you have pets?

This plant is pet safe.?

How big is your plant?

W9cm x H35cm?

If you would like more information on caring for houseplants . please have a look at our video?here

All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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