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Calathea Network (Calathea musaica, Goeppertia kegeljanii)

Calathea Network (Calathea musaica, Goeppertia kegeljanii)

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Calathea Network is a beautiful and unusual type of Marantaceae that can add a touch of exotic beauty to any home or office. Unusually for Calathea . the attraction is not its coloured leaves but its striking network pattern of dark green and silver-green leaves. The leaves are oval-shaped and feature a bold network pattern of dark green and silver green. The dark green lines contrast beautifully with the silver-green background . creating a mesmerizing and eye-catching effect.

Calathea Network is a member of the Calathea family . a group of plants from the tropical rainforests of South America near Espírito Santo in Brazil. These plants are known for their beautiful and intricate leaf patterns . and Calathea Network is no exception. With its bold network pattern . this plant is sure to be a conversation starter in any room.

In the wild . Calathea Network is found in the understory of the rainforest . where it is protected from direct sunlight and receives indirect light. It is also found in humid and shady areas near streams and rivers . where the soil is consistently moist. To recreate these conditions in your home or office . Calathea Network requires moist soil and indirect light. It is also sensitive to temperature changes and should be protected from direct sunlight and cold drafts.

In addition to its striking appearance . Calathea Network is also known for its high humidity tolerance . making it an ideal plant for areas with high humidity . such as a bathroom or kitchen. Calathea Network is also pet safe . so suitable for a home with cats and dogs. 

Calathea Network is relatively easy to care for but does require regular watering to maintain moist soil. It is also important to fertilize the plant regularly to promote healthy growth. Try Happy Houseplants' Organic Tropical Plant Dew to help recreate the plant's natural environment and increases the humidity. Our plant dew also help provides the nutrients the plants need to grow and thrive indoors. With proper care . Calathea Network will thrive and add a touch of exotic beauty to your home or office. So . if you're looking for a unique and beautiful plant to add to your collection . Calathea Network is a must-have!

Calathea care level

This plant is easy to care for and great for beginners. Make sure you keep the plant damp . away from draughts and heat sources and direct light . and it will thrive. Calathea like to grow in similar conditions to tropical ferns. 

Where should I put this plant?

Calathea network likes a shady corner but needs access to light - it's a tropical plant . so it won't grow well indoors in a dark corner in the UK. 

How should I water this plant?

Water when the top two inches of soil are dry. This plant likes to be kept damp . not soggy. The secret with calathea is to ensure you have excellent drainage . so a few pebbles under the plastic nursery pot to create a space to drain the water after a good drenching is ideal. The reservoir of water will also raise the humidity as it gently evaporates. Over time the plant will grow root into the reservoir. 

Should I feed this plant?

Feed once a month in spring and summer with liquid plant food. Why not try our vegan . organic plant food or Tropical Plant Dew.  

Is this plant suitable if I have pets?

This plant is non-toxic to cats and dogs.

What size is this plant?

W14cm x 40cm (bottom of the plant pot to the top of the plant). All our plants are supplied in a plastic nursery pot

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