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Aglaomorpha Coronans 'Snake Leaf Fern' & Tembesi Pot

Aglaomorpha Coronans 'Snake Leaf Fern' & Tembesi Pot

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Aglaomorpha Coronans - Snake Leaf Fern are wonderful and very much in fashion. We love this because it conjures up images of the lush rainforest floor (and Dinosaurs!). Aglaomorpha Coronans is in our view its the prettiest of all the indoor ferns . with glossy large leaves and classically shaped leaves. These are relatively slow growers so we only sell the large mature form which shows the fern in all its glory. 

If you are looking for houseplants that are easy to care for and you want to bring the tropical rainforest experience to your home . try this glorious fern . glaomorpha coronans is an impressive Epiphytic Fern with glossy . ornately lobed foliage reaching 1-2 meters. 

Very sturdy and reliable . it makes an excellent houseplant because it does well in areas of low humidity.

Aglaomorpha coronans is easy to cultivate in a basket . on a piece of bark or in a pot. Like many ferns . it enjoys a well-drained growing medium plus shade with plenty of light but not direct sunlight. Keep moist but not soggy. When repotting . it is a good idea to add mulch to the original potting compost in the form of composted tree bark. 

Aglaomorpha coronans are a tropical fern native to Indonesia where they grow as an epiphyte so these ferns can be mounted if you have the experience on to a wall. They like a warm . humid atmosphere . but nothing too hot.  Think shower room or warm kitchen in a bright spot but away from the direct sun. Think of it hiding on the forest floor!

A beautiful houseplant that would make an ideal gift . get the rainforest experience from a little plant - it might be quite a cheap houseplant but the sense of calm it gives makes you mentally richer!

This interesting houseplant makes the perfect gift for any occasion . Mother's Day . Father's Day . Valentine's Day and even as a Christmas gift. When gifting . we can include a free . handwritten card - just specify your message at the basket stage of delivery and we'll do the rest! We won't give the game away with paperwork or prices either so it'll be a wonderful surprise!

Happy Houseplants is the place to buy houseplants - whether it's large indoor plants (UK) . mini houseplants or succulents for sale.  We have the plants and the knowledge and we really enjoy sharing our passion for houseplants with you . our customers.

Care level

This plant is easy to care for and is suitable for beginners to houseplants.

Where should I put it?

Aglaomorpha coronans likes high or direct light . ideally a sunny spot or partial sun. It prefers a warm . humid atmosphere - like its natural rainforest home.

How should I water it?

This plant requires water only if it gets really dry.  It appreciates being misted regularly in a warm room.

Does it need feeding?

You can feed a couple of times during the spring and summer - try our vegan . organic plant food!

Is it suitable if you have pets?

No . this fern is toxic to pets.

What size is it?

W23cm x H65cm 

This Snake Leaf Fern is supplied in a medium Tembesi pot.

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